Discontinue your Unlimited Wash Plan account

Before you go, allow us a chance to keep you as a member...

We recommend that you DO NOT discontinue your plan if:

  • You have visited more than 1 time in the past month​​

    • If you visited more than 1 time, you are guaranteed to have saved money! All of our Unlimited Wash Plans are designed to be less than the price of two single car washes.  For example, if you get a SUDS Special wash 2 times per month it would be $40. If you visit once each week, retail pricing is $80. You are able to wash every day for only $34.99.

    • You can actually wash up to 2 times per day, meaning you can get your money back in a single day of washing. You can wash as you are heading out for a long drive, and again on your way back home to keep your vehicle clean & shiny like you never drove it!

  • You are planning to switch your Unlimited Wash Plan to a different or new vehicle

    • You may switch the vehicle assigned to your account up to 2 times per year! Save the hassle of re-joining by asking an associate to update the sticker on your account. 

  • You are dissatisfied with your service

    • Our team is happy to listen to any ​complaint or suggestion. Our company strives to improve each day and can often resolve matters quickly. Allow us a chance to keep your business by contacting our team at CONTACT US.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The plan may still be used until the next recharge date.

  • The plan will not renew on the next recharge date.

  • Once discontinued, you may no longer change the sticker (vehicle) associated with the plan.

  • Refunds are not eligible for any reason if the customer does not discontinue their plan in time before the recharge date.

  • The discontinuation is not confirmed until the customer clicks the below button then completes and submits the online form. The customer will receive a confirmation email within 1 minute following submission to confirm their discontinuation. 

  • All information must be accurate to allow for the successful discontinuation of the plan.

If you still wish to discontinue your Unlimited Wash Plan, please select the button below and complete the form.