Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be charged for my Unlimited Wash Club Membership?

On the anniversary date monthly (every 30 days). Example: if you purchased it on the 14th, it will autobill every 14th. If a charge is declined, our system will attempt to bill daily for 28 days. If the charge is approved on a later date, your anniversary date will still remain the same. There is no grace period.

Why do I have to clean out my truck bed before going through the wash?

Any debris that is left in truck beds can pose a danger to your vehicle, our equipment, & other customer's vehicles. The debris may become airborne during exposure to our blowers or get caught in our foam wraps. The liability to remove these items is on the customer and our Wash Associates may decline service & issue a refund if this is not done proior to arriving at the wash location. We cannot remove these items for you, as it causes an inconvenience for customers that follow.

Do you use brushes? Will your wash scratch my car?

SUDS Car Wash's process is "soft-touch" and utilizes neophreme foam wraps (big spinning things), this is basically scuba suit material. Our material has been tested to be less harmful to a vehicle's surface than hand washing, as our wraps are rinsed between every car by our self-cleaning equipment. Our wraps cannot hold any sort of particles as they are not porous. Our system applies less pressure to your vehicle than your hand and arm does in a traditional hand wash. Even though it may sound loud, we promise it is a perception you have by being in an enclosed vehicle. We simply would not be able to opperate a business if we scratched cars all day long! A lot has changed since the old days of actual traditional brushes.

Will my car be dry after my wash?

SUDS Car Wash has invested in the latest technology in order to provide as dry of a car as possible in our industry. With 12 powerful and strategically placed blowers that are designed to angel water in a pattern off your vehicle, we try our best to get all the water off. However, there will always be some water remaining on the vehicle, as not all vehicles are the same and some have hard to reach spots. Because we use a Spot Free Rinse that consists of pure water from our Reverse Osmosis filtration system, any remaining water that is remaining on the vehicle will dry within minutes and will not leave spots on your vehicle. Remember, we offer free to use microfiber detail towels in the vacuum lot for our customers to use to their liking.

How to I cancel my Unlimited Wash Club Membership?

Simple! Just stop by any SUDS location! Any team member is trained to assist you by completing our Cancelation Authorization Form. We are unable to cancel via website, email, or phone due to verification purposes & any request to do so is not valid.

Do you accept Debit/ Credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major card carriers. We cannot process WEX cards at this time.

Are my tires too wide?

Tire width can be no wider than 12.5 inches.

Is my vehicle too tall?

The max vehicle height is 7'2 at Pikeville, Corbin, & Ashland locations. It is 7' at Paintsville. We have a clearence bar at the entrance of each site, if any part of your vehicle touches, we are forced to decline service for the safety of your vehicle and our equipment.

I have aftermarket items such as bug shields or a light bar, is it safe?

Although we have many customers that wash with aftermarket products and are fine, however we cannot guarentee that yours will be safe. We only guarentee vehicles with factory installed parts that are less than 5 years old (standard vehicle warrenty length). Just think, if it is anything that is protruding, it could get entangled in our wraps. Our Wash Associates review each vehicle before entry, if any team member believes it is not safe, we will decline service and issue a refund.

Are the vacuums really free? Are they always on?

YES, & there is no time limit unless we are busy, then we ask you only use our vacuums for 10 minutes to allow other customers access. However, if there is any standing water on the ground or it has raining in the last 60 minutes, we must shut off our vacuum system because water gets into the nosels, hoses and seperators. An employee will have to shake the water out of the entire row of vacuum stanchions. If we use our vacuums with water in the line we will run the risk of destroying our equipment or causing a clog.

Is Hot Wax really hot?

No! It is room temperature, along with all our other chemicals!

How long does it take to go through the car wash?

Typically from the time you enter our tunnel, it is less than 3 minutes until youre sparkling your way back home! This of course does not include waiting in line if we are busy or self vacuuming time if your choose to utilize our other free services.

I'm a new customer, how does your wash work?

We are an express exterior car wash. We clean the exterior of the vehicle & offer free vacuums and detail towels to our customers in the lot after their wash. The customer stays inside their vehicle while being automaticly guided through our open-air tunnel that does all the cleaning! All the customer has to do once on our conveyor is place their car in neutral, don't touch the steering wheel or brake & enjoy the ride until they see the green light at the end of the tunnel, then they place their car in drive and go on to our lot to take advantage of our free services.

I'm scared my vehicle will hit another customer's vehicle inside the tunnel!

No worries, at all times two SUDS employees are watching your vehicle. One at the entrance of the tunnel & one in our office taking control of dozens of cameras placed throughout the tunnel. Each vehicle is spaced at double the industry standard at 12 feet appart. There are 3, 6 inch tall rollers that stop any vehicle from getting closer. The conveyor is one massive underground chain, meaning that each car is moving the exact same speed by the excat same motor. We have several locations around each tunnel that we can stop our conveyor in case of an emergency.

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