PMC Discount


Effective August 1, 2019- Pikeville, KY SUDS Car Wash location


  • ½ off the first month of ANY Unlimited Wash Club on PMC employee's vehicle. 

  • Resumes to normal pricing after the first month.

  • Can also be applied to additional family vehicles, each vehicle is it's own account and will receive 1/2 off the first month of that Unlimited Wash Club membership as well. Resumes to normal pricing after the first month. 

  • MUST present PMC Parking Pass sticker, PMC Discount Card, or badge each time a vehicle is signed up.

  • Replaces $4 off any single wash discount.

  • Sign up online using discount code PMC50UNLIMITED at checkout when purchasing an Unlimited Wash Club!

  • Only for PMC Employees that signed up AFTER August 1, 2019. Most PMC employees are already Unlimited members, meaning that they are already receiving the lowest price in car washing. 




  • Lack of demand for our $4 off discount. We hope that number grows as a result of this better discount. The majority of PMC employees that wash with us are ALREADY Unlimited Wash Club members because they understand the better value.


  • This new discount structure provides more value. The average hospital employee washing 2 times per month was paying 25% MORE using their $4 off coupon vs. the equal Unlimited Wash Club.


  • We’re incredibly thankful for PMC & their contributions to our community.