SUDS Car Wash does not refund any Unlimited Wash Plan recharges unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The customer completed a cancellation form on site (paper or digital) before the recharge date at a SUDS Car Wash location and has proof via the confirmation email or a paper receipt of the transaction.

  • The customer's vehicle was modified and can no longer be washed by our tunnel.

Any other promise or speech of refunds or returns are not valid according to this statement. 

If a FastPass Plan has been redeemed for washes during a billing cycle, it is not eligible to be considered for a refund. 

Customers have 29 days from the time of the charge in question to bring it to the attention of on-site management. Any charges 30 or more days ago are not eligible to be reviewed for a refund. 

For any Unlimited Wash Plan, at the point of sale, any new customer is required to sign or acknowledge on-screen the AUTOMATIC RECHARGE AGREEMENT before the account is activated. 

Store credit in the form of a dollar-amount store gift card may be issued for the unused time that was paid for. Limit of 6 months total or 5 months if a 1-month refund was issued to the card on file. 

Please know that customers' banks update credit card information with our third-party credit card processing company if a customer does not update it themselves. This is not an act of SUDS Car Wash. Attempting to allow a recurring plan to "expire" is not recommended, as the credit card on file will likely update itself. The only way to discontinue a FastPass plan is to visit any SUDS Car Wash location and complete a digital discontinue form.

This statement may be updated periodically to adapt to changes. Any update is valid immediately after publishing. Any verbal suggestion of a refund that is not from a member of our Refund Department is invalid according to this statement.


If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone authorized to provide a refund, please CONTACT US